Green Technology - Wind Energy

Think Green Energy. Think Niagara.

Niagara’s natural abundance is matched by the multitude of companies that have found a home here, in a wide range of emerging business sectors perfectly suited to the Region.

Think Wind Energy. Think Niagara.

All across Niagara Region, the winds of innovation are gaining momentum.

The boom in clean, alternative energy, especially wind power, presents a tremendous opportunity for economic growth across North America. And now Niagara is on the threshold of becoming a major player in wind energy development.

Centrally located along prevailing wind patterns and the industrial might of the Great Lakes Basin, Niagara continues to attract both domestic and international investment to accelerate growth in the renewable energy field.

Spurred by public and private investment in the sector and by a heightened sense of the region’s natural, location and infrastructure advantages, the development of industries related to wind-based energy generation has become a regional economic priority.

Many of the opportunities come from the manufacture and assembly of wind energy components including wind turbines, blades and towers. Niagara has a highly competitive manufacturing infrastructure with depth in heavy metal fabrication and assembly, die casting and foundry/forging operations – all skills drawn from the region’s rich history in shipbuilding, structural steel, auto parts, aerospace and machining.

Within the Region, the Niagara Industrial Association, a consortium of leading manufacturers, is actively diversifying their operations to leverage new business new opportunities focused on wind energy component manufacturing. At the same time, smaller, entrepreneurial companies are moving forward creating new wind power-related products and niche markets.

We invite you to join them in Niagara…and to offer your own business savvy and technical know-how in serving the burgeoning wind energy sector in North America.

Niagara Canada is a prosperous, diversified, and sustainable regional economy that offers:

  •     A diversified manufacturing base and supply chain network

  •     Multimodal transportation – rail, road and water

  •     A strategic central location with easy access to major markets

  •     Highly skilled and experienced workforce

  •     Pro-business regional and municipal government

  •     A business culture open to innovation and change

  •     Strategic support from government and academic partners

In The News

Niagara Gets Ready For Wind, May 20, 2009 

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Emerging Business Opportunities in the Large Wind Turbine Supply Chain -
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Introduction and Background
Global Wind and Energy Markets
US Wind Energy Markets
Canadian Wind Energy Markets
Canada's Investment and HR Forecasts
North American Manufacturing Operations
Supply Chain Structures
Opportunities For Manufacturers and Service Providers
Conclusions and Recommendations

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Key Features and Competitive Advantages: 

  • Geographically located in the centre of the Great Lakes region affording higher wind speeds, better wind consistency, and greater air density – resulting in an ideal and exceptional source for wind energy production.

  • An established component supply chain with many manufacturing companies already supplying wind turbine parts.

  • Efficient transportation access by road, rail and water through the Welland Canal to proposed wind farms in bothCanada and the USA

  • Talent pool of experienced professional engineers and skilled trades-people available to design, manufacture, assemble, and install wind energy components.

  • Pro-active regional and municipal governments working to continually improve business processes including taxes, development charges,and planning approvals.

  • Facilitated company access to federal and provincial financial programs to support the wind energy sector.