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New Business Services

The Niagara Economic Development Department announces two new services for business:

  1. Project expeditor services for greenfield projects (learn more)
  2. Project coordination and expeditor services for brownfield redevelopment projects (learn more)






Natural Power and People Power.

Together in One Perfect Location.

From the surge of its hydroelectric generators to the boundless energy of its population,
Niagara is a true original - a region powered by unparalleled opportunity
and offering a uniquely appealing quality of life.

With a location blessed by both natural beauty and proximity to major markets,
it is a diverse and dynamic business environment and home to a skilled, creative workforce.

Niagara has always been known for its tourism, manufacturing, telecommunications,
agriculture and service industries. Now it is also the choice of cutting edge companies in a
group of emerging sectors including bio-products, digital media, health & wellness, wind
energy and other green technologies.

With a culture of collaboration and innovation, Niagara invites both the established business
and the budding entrepreneur to share our spirit and join the growing number of Niagara's success stories.