Green Energy Initiatives

Wind Energy     Solar Energy

think green energy. think niagara.

Niagara’s natural abundance is matched by the multitude of companies that have found a home here, in a wide range of emerging business sectors perfectly suited to the Region.

Many forward-thinking companies in Niagara are now focusing on significant opportunities within the green energy sector, including wind, solar and other renewable energies.

It is only natural that Niagara’s highly competitive manufacturing base should be applying its depth of knowledge in heavy metal fabrication to new opportunities to manufacture wind energy components. Indeed, the region is poised to become a major player in wind energy development, thanks to public and private investment, and the area’s many natural, locational and infrastructure advantages. 

At the same time, Niagara is gaining a high profile among domestic and international investors seeking opportunities in solar energy development as well.  The Niagara Industrial Association, a consortium of leading manufacturers, is leading a drive to diversify its operations and make inroads into not only wind energy but solar and other green energy component manufacturing, while small entrepreneurial companies are exploring niche markets in the same sectors.

With a number of local projects in active development and the committed support of regional government in developing sustainable communities, Niagara is attracting green energy companies and jobs, and working towards a greener future for us all.

Visit our Wind Energy  and Solar Energy pages to learn more about renewable energy and the economic growth it will bring to Niagara. Also see our Niagara – Port Colborne Wind Energy Manufacturing page for fact sheets and maps that provide an overview of the wind energy sector in Port Colborne and the Wind Manufacturing Park proposed for that municipality.