About Us

We see the incredible power of Niagara every day.  We know what a truly original place this unique Region of Ontario is.

We are Niagara Economic Development (NED), a department within Niagara Region, working to advance the economic prosperity of the Niagara region.

NED promotes Niagara on a global scale and works in partnership with the region's twelve municipalities to provide effective, innovative services that encourage investment in and travel to the region, along with business support services to attract, maintain and increase jobs in Niagara. We recognize that supporting the retention and growth of our existing companies and encouraging new companies to relocate in Niagara are both key to the region's continuing economic success.

At  Niagara Economic Development, we develop opportunities. We foster innovative partnerships. We provide the kind of leadership and collaboration that makes great things possible.

Our Vision

Niagara Canada is a prosperous, diversified, and sustainable regional economy.

Our Mission

To promote, advocate and facilitate Niagara's business and tourism growth and competitiveness.

Our Approach

NED works with all of Niagara’s municipalities to provide economic development services to the business community. Ultimately, our activities as an economic development department are targeted at making Niagara more competitive in the marketplace as a region for investment, visiting, and living. All of our activities are carried out in partnerships with other public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. These partners are located in Niagara, Ontario, Canada and the United States depending on the particular initiative. For seven municipalities without economic development offices, we provide full services, including Lincoln, West Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Thorold, Wainfleet and Grimsby. Microsites have been developed to promote each of these municipalities and to provide relevant information to companies planning to expand or relocate within the region.

Click here to find a list of Niagara’s communities and links to municipal websites.