Advanced Manufacturing

Niagara's manufacturers are diverse and multi-faceted. The Region's primary manufacturing industries are: fabricated products, medical and other products, food, machinery, and beverage and tobacco products. 68% of the Region's manufacturers operate in multiple sectors simultaneously. Those complimentary skills allow manufacturers in the region to act as a consortium, enabling businesses working together to get EVERY job done. Niagara is known for its wine and the Region's food manufacturers perfectly complement Niagara's renowned beverages.

The application and integration of key technology-based processes in traditional manufacturing industries has placed the Niagara region at the forefront of Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing clusters.

Both of Niagara Region’s major post-secondary institutions, Brock University and Niagara College, are collaborating with many of the region’s leading manufacturers to focus the development of new products, methods or processes with commercial value.

The development and innovative use of advanced robotics, 3-D modeling, automation, the application of advanced materials and control systems, and other ITC underscore the progress being witnessed with the region’s manufacturers, be it in metal fabrication, food and beverage production, aerospace, viticulture or horticulture.

Niagara’s traditional role as a provider of automotive parts and services is now being enhanced to include in areas like die casting of advanced metals and metal alloys, powder metallurgy and forming, and advanced thermoplastic composites to be used in both automotive components and manufacturing processes/machinery.

Niagara’s manufacturers are also now exploring opportunities for secondary conversion [e.g., complex chemical synthesis, polymerization] of intermediate chemicals and components into advanced materials; and, final assembly into components specific to industry needs [i.e., automotive parts, building materials and windmill blades].

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St. Catharines company part of joint venture to manufacture wind turbine parts 
CMI Heavy Industries, a machining company in St. Catharines, has partnered with A/S Grenaa Motorfabrik of Denmark and Synova International Business Development of Milton to form Grenaa Grenada Gearbox Service Inc.(GGS).  The joint venture allows for the transfer of Grenaa’s European wind turbine gearbox experience to the Canadian operation, where GGS will deliver the same high quality standards Grenaa has been providing in Europe.  The joint venture is starting with an extensive training program in Denmark and Ontario for some CMI employees; and, ongoing technical support of the Canadian operation by Grenaa Motorfabrik.
CMI is a leading supplier of large, forged and cast machined components and assemblies, offering a wide range of general machine capabilities to heavy industry.  CMI is experienced in heavy-duty gear box and repair, which encompasses the skill sets they will bring to this joint venture.
The joint venture is expected to generate 10 new jobs in 2015.

Welland bottle manufacturer means business
Welland Tribune - Maryanne Firth
There's something corny about a new manufacturing business that has set up shop in Welland.

With the environment and serving small businesses in mind, Trivium Industries is determined to lead the way in the innovative bioplastics market.

At its Prince Charles Dr. plant, the company produces 100% organic, compostable and biodegradable bottles and containers made from plants and corn.

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