The Niagara region is one of the most prominent centres of international trade in North America.  Niagara shares an international border with the United States and facilitates a significant amount of people crossing and freight crossing between the United States and Canada.

The borders between Niagara, ON and Buffalo/Niagara, NY facilitate the crossing of approximately 1 million transport trucks, 5 million personal vehicles and 11 million people annually. 

In regards to trade between Canada and the United States, $106.8 billion (CAD) crossed Niagara borders in 2015.  This is 13.6% of all goods traded between the United States and Canada in 2015.

Niagara has a sophisticated transportation network including four 400 series highways (QEW, 405, 406 and 420), two Class 1 railroads (CN and CP), one short line railroad (Trillium Railway), as well as the Welland Canal, which connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie of the Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway System. 

Niagara also has many airports in close proximity including the Niagara District Airport, Hamilton International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, and the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. 

The Niagara region is also the first Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Point in Ontario, Canada.  Under the FTZ program companies can access the following programs:

   Program                   Main Benefit                         Main Qualifications

Duties Relief Program 

 Upfront relief of duties

Goods must be exported within four years
Drawback Program
Refunds duties for exported goods
Goods must have been exported within four years
Customs Bonded Warehouse

Defers/relieves duties and taxes

Goods must not be substantially altered
Export Distribution
Centre Program
Upfront relief of GST/HST on certain imports and domestic purchases

Must be export-oriented commercial entity that adds only limited value to goods
The Exporters of Processing Services Program

Upfront relief of GST/HST on certain imports

Goods must belong to non-resident and be re-exported after being processed


Government of Canada designates Niagara Foreign Trade Zone Point

The government of Canada has announced the designation of the Niagara Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Point, serving the region's 12 municipalities from east of Hamilton to the United States border.

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